A few answers for you:

  • We are always interested in buying Christmas antiques such as Dresden Ornaments, German Figural and Victorian Glas ornaments, Sebnitz, Santas, Belsnikels, etc. Please contact by email, phone or mail. Click on "Contact" for information details.
  • Keep it in your mind to select your prefered currency first which can be easily done. The main currency is set in Swiss Francs. On top to the right side, right underneath the white "Search Phrase:" window, you see the words "Select your currency" please click to those words and you'll get the list with the currencies available.
    Thank you.
  • To place an order:
    • If you are done putting items into the basket click on "Checkout" from the toolbar above.
    • There, review the items in your basket and click on "Go to checkout".
    • There, select your mailing destination, your prefered shipping method, accept Terms and click on "Secure Checkout".
    • There, select your payment method (checque, Paypal or Transfer), type in your billing address and review your order details making sure that everything is filled out correctly. Also on this page you have the possibility to be added to our mailing list.
    • Click on "Review Secure Order".
    • There, review the details of your order and click on "Send Order securely" or continue on to Paypal.
    • That's it. Your order will be sent to us and we will be getting back to you soon. 
  • Prices will be listed  in Swiss Francs. If you wish to change the currency designation you can do so by clicking on the "currency" tab located in the upper right hand corner of a product web page, just under the search box.
  • We have a long list with e-mail addresses of people that want to be informed about any news that we have and any new items that we put up for sale. It happens quite often that emails are returned due to a number of circumstances. People sometimes change their e-mail address, sometimes receiver's mailbox is full, and what we don't like at all is that several providers declare emails as "SPAM" and so our e-mails can't get through as we are on their black list, are simply blocked. If you don't get our e-mails but you would like to get them, email us and we'll try to find a solution to get around the block.
  • To see the additional images for any item, just click onto the listing image and a pop up slide show will appear showing you all images available.
  • Our secure checkout is handled by Globalcharge.com the affiliate integrated with the Shopfactory software we are using. They are a secure outfit and no personal information will be given.
    • All credit card designations will be directed to Paypal.com for payment.
    • We will not ask for or process any credit card numbers.
    • Check and money order designations will be given Gary's mailing address.
    • Euro and Swiss Franc transfers will be given Barbara's account information.
  • After checking out, emails will be automatically sent to both you and Barbara and Gary. They will contact you as quick as they can, acknowledging receipt and providing fine detailing to your order.
  • If you need any further assistance or have other questions in how to order, please feel free and ask