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We're just the ticket for a trip through

Christmas Past.We'll wind you through the old

time Christmas Paradise, with

stopson the way where we'll see all kinds of lovely scenes.

You'll see cotton batted little Girls and happy Boys playing in

the snow, some are nicely dressed in crepe.

You will be delightfully amazed of all the animals crossing your path,

throughout the trip; this is so great because, as the tracks ride us through a

beautifully, warmly lit Wonderland - these Mica flakes all over putting a spell

on you, some escaped from the Jungle, some may be on a walk around their farm

and others, believe it or not, came especially for

YOU Christmas Lovers

from Dresden in Germany. Be assured that you will be able to watch some tumbling Elfs.

They are mostly to find in the woods, close to fragile mushrooms and tree stumps. If we are lucky, we'll even see some cute little angel floating in the spiritually air; they could sure enough be out of wax.

And be prepared for Santa, he simply can appear just anywhere!

Grab a ticket!

Hopp on board!

It's always FREE

before Christmas! 


We are offering a nice variety of high quality Christmas Antiques and Rarities

Dresden Paper Ornaments — Figural Glass  Christmas Ornaments — Santas, Belsnickels — Spun Cotton, Cotton Batting, Pressed Cotton Christmas Ornaments — Heubach, Little Cotton Christmas Dolls with Bisque Heads — Antique Sebnitz Ornaments — Early Glass Kugel Ornaments — Old Art Glass ornaments made In Lauscha — Snow Babies, Bisque Figurines, Christmas Dishes — Old German Candy Containers - from Composition, Cotton Paper — Chocolate Molds — Early Wax or Composition Angels — Christmas Cards, Fold-Out Cards, Hold To Light Cards, Trade Cards, Greeting Cards — Lithographed Paper Ornaments — Antique Christmas Tree Candle Holders — Tinsel Ornaments — Chromolithographed Scraps, Die-Cuts — Erzgebirge Toys — Electric Light Bulbs — Lithographed Christmas Tin — Early Lead-Tin Reflector Ornaments — Victorian, Wire Wrapped  Ornament — Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving

... and much more; enjoy Christmas.


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